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Breaking Cover. ©Mario Donk. Oil on canvas


viking and serpant ©Mario Donk

Viking and Serpent. ©Mario Donk.
Watercolour under-painting followed by a final in oil paint, painted on gesso-covered watercolour paper

floating ©Mario Donk

Floating. ©Mario Donk. Watercolour

The last church

The Last Church. ©Mario Donk. Watercolour

under the radar small ©Mario Donk

Under the Radar. ©Mario Donk. Egg tempera on canvas

Precarious By Mario Donk

Precarious. © Mario Donk. 5001 px by 1893 px digital painting, painted at the stated size, not upsized. created using Painter 12

I added some close-ups as it’s very hard to get the feeling from a monitor.

precarious close up raft ©Mario Donk

Precarious. close-up raft ©Mario Donk.

precarious-ship close up ©Mario Donk

Precarious. ship close-up ©Mario Donk. Click the image to see it bigger. It’s not about pretty, it’s about intensity of expression, feeling the raw brute force of the sea.

Viking ©Mario Donk

Viking. ©Mario Donk. Oil on panel

warrior©Mario Donk

Warrior. ©Mario Donk. mixed media on watercolour paper

image ©Mario Donk

Image. ©Mario Donk. Watercolour

30000 pan

Ice Crystals at 30,000 Feet. © Mario Donk. Tempera on Whatman’s watercolour paper

King Tut ©Mario Donk

King Tut. ©Mario Donk. Airbrush on watercolour paper

While the town stept

While the Town Slept. ©Mario Donk. Watercolour on Fabrino

Newcastle Tug

Newcastle Tug. ©Mario Donk. tempera painting on panel

Oh Crap ©Mario Donk. Oil on canvas

Anarchy in Blue ©Mario Donk. oil on canvas

Anarchy in Blue ©Mario Donk. oil on canvas

Cockpit, oil on canvas, ©Mario Donk

Cockpit ©Mario Donk. Oil on canvas

Distant Thunder, Egg tempera on panel, ©Mario Donk

Distant Thunder. ©Mario Donk. Egg tempera on panel

Storm, Watercolour. ©Mario Donk

Storm. ©Mario Donk. Watercolour

Hoping it might be so ©Mario Donk

Hoping it Might Be So
©Mario Donk. Tempera on Canvas