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My name is Mario Donk. I am a Fine Artist / illustrator. I am based in Newcastle, Australia. From this pleasant location I work in my studio producing both Fine art and specializing in illustration, concept art, 3D images and 3D animation.

My skills cover a wide field from traditional art, painting, printmaking to digital graphics used commercially on brochures, book illustration and background painting and promotional work for TV animated series and a feature movie.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you found some work you liked.

Feel free to contact me on any project you have in mind, all discussion will be confidential.

Telephone : 61 0428 983 487

Artist’s style:
There is most certainly an underlying style in all my work. Put it this way, if your good at observation you’ll pick its my work every time, But for commercial jobs, animation and such there is another style on top of my own as it needs to suit the purpose and fit into what ever style is required for the work, but a sharp eye will still see my underlying style.

What style is it? Mario Donk’s style. Put at its simplest… I paint, look at the paint…

Artists of particular interest to me are:
Frans Hals
N.C. Wyeth
Andrew Wyeth

Rembrandt for his lighting and his ability to record the most amazing subtlety of light, even in work so minimal as a pen drawing or an etching, he misses nothing, and it all comes from the heart.

Rubens for his mastery of technique, his logical thinking in planning a work , Brilliantly done but perhaps less heart.

Frans Hals for his passion, the way he paints, the way its applied, and the souls visible in the people he paints.

NC Wyeth because he contains all of the above.

Andrew Wyeth for his melancholy atmosphere he produces in his tempera works, Always great composition and all painted from the heart.

Feel free to email me with comments good or bad, love to hear from you.


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